Omni Meats
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Omni Custom Meats, INC was founded in 1983.  Omni was originally a custom slaughter  operation with a small retail meat and grocery store. Since that time Omni has grown in size and revenue.  Omni products have been on some of the finest cruise ships world wide, and is delivered to our nation's permier full-line food distributors.  Omni is a leader in processing institutional specified beef and pork products with a high standard of products and customer service.  Omni is a processor of fresh beef, pork and poultry products and are specialists in NAMP specified products.  Omni only processes USDA Choice or higher beef products and highly selected pork products.  Omni is also a proud supplier to our fine fighting men and women serving our nation in the U.S. military.


Omni processes products to your specification with a fill rate exceeding 99%.  Omni specializes in supplying full line distributors with the correct specified meat items and assures consistency through in-house quality control procedures.


Omni is an established certified award winning Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and has recently built a new state-of-the-art 28,000 square foot processing facility.


Omni's management team clearly understands the road to growth means meeting the needs of our customers.  In 2005, Omni added a cooking division to the facility. As we continue to grow and move forward our goals will be more in line not with where we are now, but where we need to be in the future-to meet the ever changing needs of our customers.

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